Weeks of Supernatural

After our Weeks of Olympus, we took a short break from our daily routine and went to Ring*Con, which was simply amazing! We hope you enjoyed our little convention report and as soon as we get the photos from the photographers, we will show them to you.

But now it’s time for another chapter in the HFF-history. The Weeks of Supernatural are finally here! We’ll start with some days of inspirational Supernatural fashion until our photoshooting-madness begins! Have fun and don’t forget: it’s the fangirl business!


- L


Finn’s special message at RingCon 2014.

If you haven’t followed his official Facebook page yet, go visit this link.

Hipsterfangirlfashion presents: RingCon 2014 (part IV - parties)

Of course there also were some amazing parties at RingCon. We had a blast on friday and saturday, especially when star guests Finn Jones, Daniel Portman and Luke Barnes joined in and animated the crowd. But also all the lovely Connies (RingCon visitors) we partied with, some of which we already knew, met at HobbitCon or just had a nice conversation (or booty shake) with at the parties. 

You are all amazing, feel ring-ed from us! <3

- Y


i am so upset


Guest stars from Game of Thrones ringcon 2014

Hipsterfangirlfashion presents: RingCon 2014 (part III - cosplayers)

Cosplay is a huge deal at RingCon, even outside the costume contest. We met some really amazing cosplayers from Hunger Games over Frozen, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. But there were too many cool costumes to count and we didn’t get to photograph too many of them, because we left the good camera at home and thought the cellphone camera wouldn’t do them justice. Just search the tags and you will find the most amazing cosplays around the internet!


RingCon Costume Contest 2014

some of the many many highlights

Hipsterfangirlfashion presents: RingCon 2014 (part II - Group Cosplay)

We put on a lot of diffrent outfits this weekend and all of them were awesome!


Hipsterfangirlfashion presents: RingCon 2014 (part I - preparation)

You might have noticed our absence (we apologize again!), but RingCon needed a lot of preparation!


RingCon 2014

RingCon is over and we are still recovering from the amazing, but tiring weekend. It was a blast for all of us and we had loads of fun!

Our workshop on friday went really well and a lot of people came to listen to us talking about casual cosplay (and we only knew six of them personally), which made us unbelievably happy! It was such a thrilling experience and very exciting and humbling to see that so many people are interested in the same things as we are. Later we slipped into our own casual cosplays as Daenerys, Ten and Ariel and had an amazing time at the first party.

On saturday we were part of a Panem Catwalk with amazing Costumes made by Jane Grünberg (and some (like Ys) made by the models themselves) and later L participated in the costume contest as Elsa of Arendelle from Frozen, while Y as Anna and G as Olaf cheered for her in the audience. The party later on was incredible, especially dancing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Finn Jones and being pulled into a Conga Line by a beautiful Sansa Stark cosplayer.

Sunday was a little quieter, but our Once Upon A Time cosplay was photographed many times and the panels with the stars of Game of Thrones or some really funny Kiwis doing Impro (like Lori Dungey and Craig Parker) where really entertaining. When Riley Smith played I See Fire and the whole audience joined in, it was a goosebump moment, we’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

Thanks RingCon, it was an amazing weekend!

We will have some picture sets and some reblogs for you today before we get started with our next themed week.

- Y